Bosch Cordless Lithium-Ion Battery Strimmers

General Information regarding the Bosch Artwork 26 LI Strimmer

The Bosch Artwork 26 Li is a cordless strimmer featuring an 18v lithium-ion battery and it will trim lawn for any distance of 1000m on one particular battery cost. As being the strimmer is battery operated there is not any worry of getting electric cables caught up within the strimmer. The strimmer has plastic blades as opposed to the traditional strimmer line. What This implies is that it is much less complicated to alter the blades as an alternative to needing to squander effort and time getting from the spool and re-winding the strimmer line. The blades are created for Strength-productive and correct trimming. The plastic blades come in a pack and are available as an additional accent.

The strimmer has lots of fantastic attributes such as a telescopic handle. This means that you could regulate the strimmer based upon your top. This will likely hopefully mean you are working at a far more relaxed height; thus lessening strain on muscles, tendons and joints. The telescopic height adjustment is concerning 80cm and 114cm.

The Bosch Artwork 26 LI includes a 90 diploma rotating cutter head. This implies the strimmer head might be turned 90 levels so as to strim the perimeters of your garden while maintain a snug grip on the strimmer. Another excellent characteristic of your Bosch Artwork 26 LI is that's that it's got a changeable tilt angled head which suggests that it'll strim beneath tiny bushes and beneath backyard garden chairs, benches and garden home furnishings very easily. There's a plant protector for ensuring a friendly length between the strimmer reducing blade and your back garden crops.

If you find yourself out while in the back garden for extended amounts of time you need a strimmer that is certainly light-weight. The Bosch ART 26 LI genuinely is light weight since it weighs two.4kg and this is usually as a consequence of its lithium-ion battery. This helps make the Bosch Artwork 26 LI well suited for any person to utilize!

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have no izrada mozaika memory result which implies you can start strimming your grass at any time since the battery has negligible self-discharge. Additionally, you will discover that the battery will not steadily shed electricity like common lead batteries. Rather, the battery will keep on at comprehensive energy after which begin to reduce energy only at mozaici the end of its cost. What this means is the Bosch wil very last longer than the vast majority of other battery run strimmers. The Bosch Artwork 26 LI has an 18v Mozaik plocica lithium-ion battery that will Moreover healthy different goods while in the Bosch array such as Bosch AHS fifty two LI cordless hedge trimmer. The demand time of your battery on the ART 26 LI is 3 several hours, so you can be cutting your grass in no time!

Accessories for your Bosch ART 26 LI

The most crucial accessory you need to want for your Bosch Artwork 26 LI is usually a pack of substitution strimmer blades. Other optional materials include things like a wheel kit so there is not any need to have to hold the strimmer mainly because it runs By itself wheels. Which means the strimmer can be utilized by any person, and will help keep your lawn looking at its best with hardly any work.

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